Art Education: Largley self taught, and with the help of the following art courses.

  • Haliburton School of the Arts Fleming College: ongoing courses in abstract, non- representational painting, sculptures in wire. (2002 – 2012)
  • Nielson Creative Centre: studies in the abstract (2003 – 2005)
  • Summer semester session of water colour painting in Camden, Maine, with American artist, Frank Webb, (2002)
  • U of T semester of Art History Studies in Siena, Florence (1995)
  • The Ontario College of Art: Life drawing (1990 -1992)
  • The Ontario Art Gallery: Life drawing (1988-1991)
ROM : Art classes ( 1986-1999)
  • Semester of water colour painting at Batchawana Bay, Ont. with American artist, James Scott, (1978)
  • Acrylic and water colour painting in Avignon, University of Lyon, (1977)
  • Acrylic painting in Aix- En- Provence, France, summer (1976)

Art Instructors and artists who have inspired and helped me:

Margaret Roseman, Steve Rose, Denis Cliff, Jack Reid, Charles O’Neil, E.A.Hart.

Mission Statement

My job as an artist is to entice the viewer to see the world in an intimate, personal way and for a brief moment, to place the viewer into the very soul of others. I believe that it is here that art resides and the caretakers are the artists and spinners of tales. I have started to view the whole process of artistic creation from several vantages and as a professional musician and a visual artist, have found common ground between the two. Interpreting and performing the works of others, and creating an emotional colour as a musician; and creating sounds and emotional colours on a flat canvas; to feel the symbiotic relationship magnifies both and to find this place is my ultimate goal.

Selected Solo Exhibitions:

  • 2018 Aug 17-18 ‘From Here to Abstraction’ SharpFitness Gallery, 1742 Bayview Ave, Toronto. Original oils, acrylics and watercolors; wire sculptures.
  • 2014 Enter Stage Right Kumf Gallery, Bloor West Village
  • 2012 Up Close and Personal Kumf Gallery Bloor West Village
  • 2011 Rainy Days and Mondays Toronto Library, Runnymede
  • 2010 Woodlands and Wetlands Rail’s End Gallery, Haliburton, Ont.
  • 2009 Suzuki Children in Concert Miles Nadal JCC, Spadina and Bloor
  • 2008 A Retrospective Timothy’s World Café, Mount Pleasant and Eglinton.
  • 2006 Artists in Action Timothy’s World Café, Mount Pleasant and Eglinton
  • 2004 The Artful Garden Timothy’s World Café, Queen St. East
  • 2003 Current Reflections Toronto Arts Week
  • 1998 The Faces of Ethiopia , Solo Benefit Exhibit, Canadian Physicians for Aid and Relief, George Brown College.

Selected Group Shows

  • 2018 Tour de Forest Haliburton, Ont.
  • 2017 Tour de Forest Haliburton, Ont.
  • 2016 Tour de Forest Haliburton, Ont.
  • 2015 Tour de Forest Haliburton, Ont.
  • 2011 July Coming About Chancery Art Gallery, Bracebridge
  • 2010 June A Walk on the Wild Side Show at Beaux Art Gallery, Brampton
  • 2010 Oct. From Here to Abstraction Beaches Home Art Show, Toronto
  • 2009 June Art in the Park Dundas Village Art Show, Toronto
  • 2008 June Earthworks Arowna Brooks Gallery, Toronto
  • 2008 June Members Exhibition, Nielson Park Creative Centre, Toronto
  • 2008 June Members Exhibition, Humber Valley Art Association, Toronto
  • 2007 May Artists Collective Group Show Etobicoke Home Art Show

Paintings of Barbara Hart are in private collections in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, US and France.